Petite Initial Tags & Multi Ring Necklace - La Famille


Petite Initial Tags & Multi Ring Necklace - La Famille

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This necklace combines two of our best selling pieces into one easy-to-wear beauty. Petite Initial Tags Necklace + Multi Rings Necklace. Two gorgeous custom hand stamped tags are strung on a dainty 14k gold filled or sterling silver chain. This is attached to a different yet equally lovely chain with your choice in quantity of rings. They are attached at the chain, not the clasp, to help prevent tangles. They do not separate. These tags and rings are tiny and petite which make it perfect for wearing everyday. The two tags can represent you and a loved one, while the rings can represent your family. I have here the Petite Tags with mine and my husband's initials and our wedding date. The three rings are for my husband, myself, and our son. A wonderful keepsake necklace to give yourself or someone special. 



Letter format: A or AB or ABC or ABCD or ABCDE

or A♥B or ♥AB or ♥ABC or A&B

Date format: 2413 or 020413 or 21413 or 021413

Available symbols:  ♥ & # ? ! + < > - / .



  • text options: 5 letters MAX -or- 6 numbers MAX
  • NEED 6 or 7 LETTERS? Contact us for larger tags.
  • tag length: 14mm
  • petite tags chain length: approx. 17 inches
    multi rings chain length: approx. 16.5 inches
  • materials: all components are 14k gold filled or sterling silver


+ I hand stamp each tag myself. The straightness of the stamping may not always be perfectly perfect, but just know each one is unique and special. And of course, made with lots of love.


+ Click on image to enlarge.


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