New Arrivals - Sophie, Barre, Wyatt, Starlet, Valenteen

New Arrivals are here! These beauties have been in my design book for most of 2017. With this crazy year we've had, it has been hard for me to do all that needs to be done in order to list new pieces. But I'm happy to say that they are finally available to all you wonderful people. 



I hope you all enjoy the new arrivals! There's more to come so be sure to check back and see what's new. 



Junghwa by Amy Stewart

Rings and Rings and More Rings

I just love rings. I wear them constantly. They make my hands a little prettier. My hard working hands. My not-so-dainty-because-I-work hands. On occasion, I run out of the house without any rings on and my hands feel naked. Many of you have told me that you wear your Junghwa rings everyday and it just makes me so happy that you love them so dearly.


The thin bands are really versatile... wear them stacked high or wear one on each finger. They're beautiful either way. 


Junghwa Packaging

I just adore our gift packaging. Everything down to the last bit was well thought out by yours truly. Each item is packaged lovingly in our signature Junghwa gift pouch and gift box. So whether you are gifting yourself or a loved one, they are sure to make big smiles and happy hearts. The pouches are velvety soft with a drawstring closure, which makes them reusable! So, repurpose them! The boxes are sturdy and stay securely shut, so you can stash away all your precious little trinkets.



Share your ideas on how you repurpose your Junghwa pouch and box (email, contact form, instagram, facebook, blog) and receive free shipping on your next order. 



Junghwa by Amy Stewart

New Arrival - Halston Lariat Necklace

You know I love a good lariat necklace and this is a good one. Very simple, yet so beautiful. This piece is available in 14k gold filled and sterling silver in two lengths. The shorter version is shown here. A pretty little thing to add to your collection. 


shown: Halston Lariat Necklace (26.5")


The Halston Lariat Necklace can stand alone and shine but you can definitely layer it too. The Claudia Choker would be a perfect layering piece. You can wear it with scoop necklines, low necklines, v-necks, button downs, you name it. I like wearing it with low necklines or tucked into my button downs... you can see a bit of the drop chain portion peeking out and it's just my favorite.


Hoping you have a happy Wednesday!



Junghwa by Amy Stewart

Bracelet Stacking, Yes Please

Our stretchy stacking bracelets are always a fan favorite. They're comfortable and easy to slide on and off. The combinations are endless. Each stack seems to end up as my favorite. This double set on the left is MO bound, but I'm pretty sure that I will be making an identical set for myself.


shown left: Naeva Bracelet in champagne, Navi Bracelet in white

shown right: Cuff Bangle Bracelet, Nuelle Bracelet in tanzanite, Naeva Bracelet in tanzanite, Nuelle Bracelet in champagne, Nuelle Bracelet in black



The stack on the right is one I made for myself. So perfect for fall, don't you think? If you're stuck on your final pieces to complete your set, shoot us an email and we can help!



Junghwa by Amy Stewart