Cuff Bracelets All Day Erryday ⚡

You guys have been keeping me very busy everyday with lots of Cuff Bracelet orders. And I am loving every minute of it. I love seeing what your special and personalized messages are going to be and I love making each of these from scratch. I hand stamp, form, shape, harden, polish and perfect each and every one of the cuffs myself. I hope you all love them as much as I do!

This Is 40 🎈

This is 40.🎈 I've learned so much in 40 years. How to love and appreciate every single day, even the bad ones. How to cherish good people and how to toss the bad ones. How to be more patient. How to make my life more balanced. How to make time for myself. How to say no, nope and absolutely not. How to be a great mom. And how to get ish done!

♡ p.s. Sorry for not posting more often. There's been a lot going on but I appreciate all your orders keeping me busy. And I promise to stop by more often. xx

Happy Holidays

The pretty green bows for the holidays - the beautiful cards enclosed with all gift packaging - I love it all. Gives me all the feels. I hope you love it too. Thank you all so much for your purchases and for your patience during this busy time of year. Working hard getting your orders out as quick as possible. The last day for Christmas orders with standard shipping (within the US) is December 14th. You still have a few more days to get that Christmas shopping done! Check out our calendar for more information on processing and shipping times.

Alister Ring

This year’s Black Friday free gift was the new Alister Ring. The first 20 customers each received one. These lovelies sold out within 1 minute! I absolutely love this ring. Last year I created the double wrapped Linea Ring. It has been such a fan favorite that I thought I would do something like that again. The Alister Ring is triple wrapped. It gives the look of 3 rings perfectly stacked and spaced. It’s such a great piece to wear everyday without worrying about taking it off or it getting in the way. Just a beautiful, comfortable, fun ring to wear.