Bracelet Stacking, Yes Please

Our stretchy stacking bracelets are always a fan favorite. They're comfortable and easy to slide on and off. The combinations are endless. Each stack seems to end up as my favorite. This double set on the left is MO bound, but I'm pretty sure that I will be making an identical set for myself.


shown left: Naeva Bracelet in champagne, Navi Bracelet in white

shown right: Cuff Bangle Bracelet, Nuelle Bracelet in tanzanite, Naeva Bracelet in tanzanite, Nuelle Bracelet in champagne, Nuelle Bracelet in black



The stack on the right is one I made for myself. So perfect for fall, don't you think? If you're stuck on your final pieces to complete your set, shoot us an email and we can help!



Junghwa by Amy Stewart