We're Back! And We Moved The Blog!

Hey guys! We've moved our blog to the site so it's easier to navigate. Plus, it looks a little more pretty doesn't it? This has been quite the year. A lot of busy life stuff and lots of busy work stuff. I've been adding loads of designs to my little sketch book and am hoping to start working on bringing them to life soon. It's quite the process going from an idea in my head to sketching it out down to the last detail, sourcing materials, then starting my hands working and getting everything live. Sometimes a design works out just right the first time I make it but most of the time there is much trial and error, very hurt hands and fingers, and frustration beyond frustration. So when everything is perfect and all you lovelies tell me how much you adore my work... it just makes it all so incredibly worth it. I appreciate you. And definitely, if you have photos of you and your new Junghwa pieces, do share! I love seeing them and posting them!


shown: phoenix rings, harlow bracelet, sweet pea bracelet, serendipity ring, cuff bangle bracelet, petals bracelet, cuff ring, thin band rings


Check back soon for updates, new arrivals, and sales! 


Thank you everyone!!



Junghwa by Amy Stewart